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Once confined to specialty stores in back alleys, the internet has brought adult products and services to every home. Increased access to sex-related content and growing awareness about sexual wellness are contributing to the growth of the adult industry. While exact values are hard to find, the American adult entertainment industry alone generates $15 billion a year.

Although a very lucrative market, it’s difficult to run a successful business in the adult industry.

Most banks and payment processors refuse to offer adult merchant accounts because they regard you as a high-risk business. Without a merchant account, you can’t process debit and credit card payments, severely restricting your sales opportunities.

An expert adult payment processor, SeamlessChex offers a range of adult payment processing and merchant services to help you grow without limits. Discover our high-risk payment products to find the best solution for your adult business.

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Why are Adult Merchants Considered High-Risk?

Despite growing acceptance of sex-related products/services by mainstream culture, there’s still some stigma attached to the adult industry. An unfavorable reputation is not the only reason why banks deny you an adult merchant account. A combination of factors that range from legal restrictions to consumer behavior makes this industry too risky to work with.

Here are the most common reasons why merchants struggle to find an adult payment processor:

  • Reputational issues – A sizable segment of society still perceives adult content as taboo and immoral. Traditional banks and financial companies decline adult payment processing services to protect their public image.
  • Strict regulations – From minimum age requirements to anti-obscenity laws, adult businesses operate in a heavily regulated industry. Many acquiring institutions don’t provide adult merchant accounts to avoid legal trouble.
  • Payment fraud – Card-not-present (CNP) transactions are the main method of payment for adult entertainment and ecommerce businesses. CNP transactions have higher rates of identity fraud than in-person card payments.
  • High rates of chargebacks – It is common for people to consume adult content, then feel ashamed when the transaction appears on their credit card statement. Many of these customers often file chargebacks to dispute the purchase and get their money back.

Adult Industries:

  • Adult Photography
  • Adult Massages
  • Escort Services
  • Fetish Items
  • Lingerie
  • Lubricants and Lotions
  • Online Dating
  • Phone Sex Operator
  • Sex Education Course
  • Streaming Services
  • Strip Clubs
  • Toys and Novelties

Don’t see your industry? Contact a Seamless Chex representative to see if an adult merchant account is right for you! Check out our suite of products today!

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Send or request payments on a one-time or recurring basis with our intuitive platform. Paynote makes A/P, A/R, and accounting simple for your business.

How Can SeamlessChex Help Adult-Oriented Businesses?

With more than a decade of experience serving adult merchants, SeamlessChex understands the unique needs of different types of sexually oriented businesses. From online adult novelty stores to pornographic websites, we leverage our 25+ banking relationships to underwrite your business and help you set up an adult merchant account within days.

Finding an accommodating adult payment processor is only half the trouble. Avoiding merchant account termination will be a constant struggle. SeamlessChex provides the most advanced fraud-mitigation tools and chargeback reduction technologies to protect your merchant account and minimize financial loss.

SeamlessChex adult merchant account services:

  • Have no account set up costs
  • Provide 24/7 customer support
  • Offer quick signup and approval
  • Support diverse types of adult businesses
  • Easily integrate with your website and shopping cart
  • Provide the lowest-cost monthly and processing fees
  • Accept credit card, ACH, eCheck, and mobile payments
  • Give you a secure, PCI-compliant payment platform

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Are you having a hard time finding an adult merchant account provider? Is your current adult payment processor burdening you with tons of fees? If you need affordable and reliable merchant account services, SeamlessChex can help. Contact us to consult with our payment experts and learn how you can set up a merchant account today.