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Seamless Checks, LLC Terms of Use

Data Security

Merchant shall be solely responsible for the security of the Data residing on its servers (or third party servers designated by Merchant; e.g., a Web hosting company, processor or other service provider). Merchant shall comply with all applicable Federal, State and Local Laws, Rules and Regulations governing the security, collection, retention and use by Merchant of financial information (including checking account numbers, and all other personally identifiable customer information). Merchant agrees to provide notice to Merchant’s customers by all appropriate means, including but not limited to, by providing information on Merchant’s web site that discloses how and why personal and financial information is collected and used.

Authorized Use of Data

Merchant (including its employees or agents) (i) has obtained all required approvals from its customers relating to the Services, including but not limited to, approval for the collection of certain data from Merchant’s customer and the electronic debiting of Merchant’s bank account for the face amount of the check plus applicable fees for any check returned for any reason, and (ii) such approvals Merchant obtained from Merchant’s customers, comply with all applicable Federal, State and Local Laws, Rules and Regulations.

Acceptable Use of the Verification Service Data

To verify an item in connection with payment for goods or services. To validate the existence of an account in connection with an item or as a factor in deciding whether to guarantee an item.

Compliance with Federal and State Law

Merchant will comply, at Merchant’s own expense, with all laws, policies, guidelines, regulations, ordinances, and rules applicable to Merchant’s business or the Transactions and/or orders of any governmental authority or regulatory body having jurisdiction over the subject matter hereof, including, but without limitation, the rules promulgated by industry associations, the FTC, the electronic communication rules of the CAN-SPAM Act, the privacy requirements of the Gramm Leach Bliley Act and regulations thereof and the Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act and regulations thereof. In addition, Merchant warrants and represents that it will comply with all the current policies, procedures including, but without limitation, this trial, the Services Documentation and Seamless Checks, LLC Acceptable Use Guidelines, as may be amended by Seamless Checks, LLC , in its sole discretion, from time to time.

Lawful Business

Merchant is engaged in a lawful business that includes the sale of products and/or services, and are duly licensed to conduct such business under the laws of all jurisdictions in which Merchant conducts business.

Violation of Law

The Services will not be used for transactions in violation of any U.S. law, including, but without limitation, the sanctions laws administered by the OFAC, Federal, State and Local Laws, Rules and Regulations, and the FTC in violation of this trial. Merchant further represents and warrants that it will not use the Services in any manner, or in furtherance of any activity that may cause Giact to be subject to investigation, prosecution, or legal action.


Seamless Checks, LLC reserves the absolute right to decline to provide Merchant the Services if Seamless Checks, LLC, in its sole discretion, believes that Merchant is using or may use the Data or the Services for a purpose other than a permissible purpose under this trial or applicable law including, without limitation, the FCRA or the Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act.

Consumer Dispute Process

If a consumer disputes a decline action, certain actions must take place in accordance with the FCRA. By checking the box you are stating that you understand that you must provide the consumer a means to investigate the accuracy and completeness of information in the event the consumer disputes the information.


All personal information you submit is encrypted and secure.

Katherine Stewart


“I’ve used some of the other check by phone softwares out there, and Seamless Chex is by far the best. Their interface is incredibly easy to use, and they offer a number of features that others don’t. We will be sticking with them as long as they are around!”

Tom Regina

Plastic Surgeon, New York

“Our accounts receivables balance has shrunk considerably since we signed up with Seamless Chex. Clients no longer tell us “Check is in the mail.” My practice is much more efficient now that we have this software.”


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