What is Seamless Funds Confirmation?

Seamless Funds Confirmation is the most advanced checking account verification available and confirms if your customers have sufficient funds in their bank account to cover the exact amount you intend to debit.

For Example, if you are looking to debit your customer $300 and they have an account balance of $301, you will see a green light indicating sufficient funds.
If this same customer has an account balance of $299 you will see a red light, indicating insufficient funds.

This will greatly reduce those costly bank NSF fees!

How Does it Work?

1. Enter your checks by 1 PM EST and make sure the “Funds Confirmation” box is checked.
2. If the account is in the network, the account is scrubbed to be sure the amount of the intended debit can be covered
3. All results will post by 5 PM EST in the “Print Checks” screen, with the corresponding color icon next to your checks.

Color Icon Guide:

Null Circle_Grey (1) Grey Light (Funds confirmation was not enabled or was not eligible on this item. )
Non Participating Bank Circle_Yellow (1) Yellow Light (The customer’s bank is not a participant in the network)
Invalid Account Number Circle_Red (1) Red Light (This item has an invalid account number.)
Account Closed Circle_Red (1) Red Light (The bank is reporting this account as closed.)
Insufficient Funds Circle_Red (1) Red Light (There are not sufficient funds available for this item’s amount. )
Sufficient Funds Circle_Green (1) Green Light (There are sufficient funds available for this item’s amount.)


For this service, we charge per verification and this is not included in your monthly plan.
Fees start at $3/Funds Confirmation

Not all banks are in the network including most credit unions and small regional banks.

If you are interested in signing up for Seamless Funds Confirmation, please download our 1 page application here.

Most applications will receive same day approvals.