How Online Check Processing Can Help Boost Your Small Business Cash Flows

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“The check is in the mail,” is a phrase that no business owner dependent on cash flow wants to hear. However, not accepting checks at all may not be a wise move if many of your customers still prefer to use this as a method of payment. But how do you ensure that customer payments via check transact quickly, securely and reliably?

The answer is eChecks or the ability to accept checks online through check processing software. But not just any software. SeamlessChex leverages the most advanced verification and security in the industry, at a simple transparent price.

Keep reading to learn how your small business can benefit from accepting checks online.

Real-Time Verification

You no longer have to wait days to hear from the bank about a bad check. The most robust online check processing software will verify your check instantly and let you know whether there are any issues with the check. This is an excellent way to prevent against fraud and delays in processing payment.
In addition, SeamlessChex offers the most advanced checking account verification available to confirm whether your customer has sufficient funds in their bank account to cover the exact amount you intend to debit.

Optimized Accounts Receivable Process

The easier it is for customers to pay you, the quicker they are likely to do so. Overall, being able to accept checks by web, phone or fax will help your small business to speed up the AR collections process and free up cash flow by eliminating long payment wait times that result from mailed checks.

Happier Customers

Offering online check processing opens up another payment method for your clients that can save them time and money as well.

You’ll be able to keep your existing clients happy and possibly drum up new business by expanding your customers’ payment options.

Lower Costs

Online check processing allows you to accept payments faster than credit cards without paying a percentage fee to credit card companies. Furthermore, eChecks require much less manpower to process which means your team can spend more time on revenue-generating tasks to grow your business.

Security: The SeamlessChex Difference

SeamlessChex offers enhanced security by integrating with all major banks, which allows us to confirm account ownership and funds on all transactions. Business owners can rest assured that they are taking all measures to reduce the likelihood of check fraud when they use SeamlessChex service.

How does the SeamlessChex process work? Once you sign up.

  1. Verify Check Details: Instantly know whether a check will bounce or clear once you login to the SeamlessChex portal.
  2. Print Verified Checks: This is useful for deposits and maintaining records with paid invoices. For larger accounts we are able to have funds deposited directly into your bank account using ACH or eCheck Processing
  3. Deposit the Check: Spend less time running to the bank and more time growing your business using your bank’s mobile app to take a picture and deposit remotely.

An All-In-One Check Processing Solution

SeamlessChex offers an all-in-one check processing solution to meet your needs. With over 500 small businesses using SeamlessChex every day, it’s the number one check processing solution in the industry. With SeamlessChex, businesses can:

  • Accept and verify checks via web, phone or fax
  • Benefit from paperless billing and mobile options
  • Eliminate transaction fees and service commissions
  • Benefit from reduced operational burden and costs

What’s more is SeamlessChex offers a 100% free trial. To learn more about how SeamlessChex can benefit your small business, and to sign up for a free trial of the leading check processing software platform, visit our website today.

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