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Any business with a recurring payment model, including a magazine subscription company, is prone to high credit card processing fees and exorbitant rates for simple services. SeamlessChex is proud to provide straightforward, transparent payment processing services so you can set up a magazine subscription merchant account with zero hassle.

We offer digital check, ACH, and credit card processing, all with an easy sign-up process. Discover our full range of services and see which one works best for your magazine subscription company.

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Magazine Subscription Merchant Accounts Made Easy

Our excellent 25+ bank relationships mean we can serve any business, regardless of whether they’re perceived as low or high-risk. Our solutions are highly intuitive, integrating easily with major accounting software and shopping carts to eliminate confusion and make payment processing easy.

At SeamlessChex, we’re passionate about the way we treat our customers. We never hide fees, and we do our utmost to ensure that our services are of value to your business. We’re so confident in the value a magazine subscription merchant account with SeamlessChex could add to your company that we offer a free savings analysis that breaks down your costs and fully evaluates the advantages we can provide.

Discover Simple Payment Solutions from SeamlessChex

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our services. We’re happy to help you create a magazine subscription merchant account that perfectly suits your company.

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Accepting and receiving eChecks has never been easier. Use our advanced verification technology to ensure you never have a bounced check again.

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Invoicing your clients, vendors, and customers is fast and intuitive with Paynote. Send and request payments quickly, no credit checks required.

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Credit card and ACH payment processing that is perfect for e-commerce. Enjoy a hassle-free sign-up and excellent integrations.

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