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Business Consulting Merchant Account

Need a payment processing provider for your business consulting business that won’t make you go through inane hoops just for an account approval or fleece you on your transaction costs? Look no further. SeamlessChex is a full-service payments provider and the preferred partner for consulting businesses. You’ll see some of the fastest approvals and lowest pricing when you send and accept payments through us. Not only that, you’ll even receive your payments quicker, as early as the very next day. Our solutions support every conceivable method of payment processing, including eChecks, credit cards, and ACH. Set up a merchant account for your business consulting company today with SeamlessChex.


Setting up a Merchant Account for Business Consulting Has Never Been Easier

Large transaction sizes and extended payment periods are a part of the consulting business model. However, it might surprise you to know that traditional banks are often wary of these practices since it makes it difficult for them to maintain consistent liquidity levels. This is why payment processing for business consulting companies gets categorized as “high-risk.” However, at SeamlessChex, we believe that industry stereotypes shouldn’t be an impediment to setting up a new business. With our platform, you can sign up for an account in minutes, and get rapid approvals, regardless of your credit score.

What Makes SeamlessChex Unique?

Not only is account setup quicker and easier with SeamlessChex, but there are also no transaction limits, and same or next day deposits are standard. No to mention it’s far cheaper to process your transactions on Seamless Chex compared to credit cards. We promise low pricing, regardless of average transaction size, and no hidden charges. Our world-class security protocols even help you reduce fraudulent activity and chargebacks. We built our platform to create real value for businesses and be a partner in their success.

Sign up for a business consulting merchant account today at SeamlessChex. Our payment experts stand ready to answer any questions you have and help you throughout the process.

We have a number of solutions to help you transact efficiently and cost-effectively. Browse through them here or take the SeamlessChex quiz and let us recommend the best one(s) for you.

A green circle with a check in it - the SeamlessMerchant iconSeamlessMerchant

One integrated platform supports both credit card and ACH payments while providing access to over 25 banks. Ideal for businesses that want to transact with freedom, while cutting down on fraud and chargebacks.

A purple circle with rectangles in it - the SeamlessChex icon.Seamless Chex

Never have a check bounce again with Seamless Chex. The best platform out there to verify and accept eChecks online. We’re the only provider to offer instant bank balance verification, no transaction limits, and next-day funding.

A blue circle with a P in it - the Paynote icon.Paynote

Transact with our proprietary, future-ready platform to send payments online. Be done with abusive bank and credit card processing fees. See affordable, transparent pricing and get your payments credited to your account in a day with Paynote.