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Instantly Send and Receive Digital Checks Online!

Never Send or Receive a Paper Check Again!

Enter recipients name, email, memo, and amount.

Recipient receives email and enters their bank info.

Money is transferred.

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No account needed or apps to download.

Recipients never pay a fee.

Real time bank balance verification.

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100% free. No credit card required. Immediate access.

Hate bank and credit card processing fees as much as we do?

Then try Paynote, the easiest way to send and receive bank transfers from clients or vendors.

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See Why Thousands of Businesses and Entrepreneurs Love Paynote

As a business owner, Paynote has helped to significantly reduce the number of checks we have to put in the mail, which has saved us on postage and time spent.

Clifford Parker
Parker Insurance

SeamlessMerchant has been a great asset to our organization for the past 5 years. They are always quick to respond and a pleasure to work with.

Marek Zribko
Omar Mediterranean Cuisine

SeamlessMerchant has been great at keeping our payment processing fees at an absolute minimum.

Jared Lubel
Ruby & Jenna

Thanks to the insightful advice and great service offered by the team at SeamlessMerchant, our ecommerce business operates more efficiently.

Hakan Lindskog
Chief Operating Officer
NeuroHacker Collective

eCheck verification has reduced returned checks for our clients by 63% resulting in thousands saved on bank fees. They also offer A+ developer support!

J.W. Epply

Very reliable verification and great customer service. Customer Support is always responsive and available.

Rory Marks
Managing Partner
Central Diligence Group

Paynote has helped to significantly reduce the number of checks we have to put in the mail, saving both money & time.

Alon Alexander
Kent Services

We have over 90 locations and SeamlessChex helps us collect out money faster, easier and more efficiently.

Phil Levi
Credit & A/R Manager
Parts Authority, Inc.

SeamlessChex helped us solve one of the crucial problems we were having as a business: recurring payment to vendors.

Justin Mitchell
Founder, Owner

Paynote allows us to easily request one time and recurring rent payments from our tenants.

Sam Katz
Executive Director
Roxann Realty

SeamlessChex has made it easy for our business to receive funds the next day from our clients.

Tiffany Kapp
Managing Partner
Custom Business Solutions

Every small business needs Paynote! Paynote's allowed me to send and receive payments quickly, securely, and reliably.

Jeff Swersky
Jeff Swersky Consulting

SeamlessChex has been an invaluable addition to our company. It has drastically reduced the time to receive.

Alim Sunderji

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Pay or bill clients in three simple steps:

Enter recipients email, name, & account

Paynote directly emails your clients the check or invoice

Recipient adds their bank information

Your client clicks the link & securely deposits adds their bank information. (They don’t need a Paynote account)

Money is transferred in a snap

The money is deposited within two business days. The recipient pays nothing. No hidden charges - ever.

Bye bye bank & credit card fees.
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100% free. No credit card required. Immediate access.

What Can I Pay or Invoice With Paynote?

Just about anything you can pay by check, credit card, or bank transfer can be paid with Paynote, including:

Bill Clients
Pay Vendors
Pay Rent
Pay Contractors
Send Money
Receive Money
Pay Doctors
Send Refunds

Big or small - Every business needs Paynote

Freelancers & Self Employed

Easily send and receive money from clients or vendors. No credit checks, tax returns or other paperwork needed to get started.

Agencies, Firms, & Small Businesses

Pay or bill clients, vendors, contractors, landlords, or anyone else. Use our advanced verification tools to verify client funds before the payment is processed. Easily balance your books with Paynote's detailed payment tracking system.

Here's why you'll love Paynote:

Simple Pricing

Our fee is the lowest

Free Individual plans. Business Plans Start at just $9/month


Instant Account Setup

No credit checks, merchant accounts, or bureaucratic nonsense.

Get started sending and receiving money today with no restrictions.


Instant Bank Account Verification

100% Secure Funds Verification makes sure you get paid.

Instant bank balance confirmation verifies if your client has the funds to pay you before the payment is submitted.

Here's why your clients and vendors will love Paynote:

No account needed or apps to sign up for.

Recipients will never need an account or app to pay your invoice or receive a payment.

No sharing of bank information.

Paynote instantly connects to your bank's online checking system. No need share account or routing numbers.

100% Free for the Paynote recipient

Clients just click on the link in the email, connect to their bank account, and pay the invoice. That's it.

See How Much You'll Save With Paynote

Paynote vs. Bank Wire vs. Bank ACH vs. Paper Checks

Estimated cost to send $1,000

Why so low?

Banks charge high fees simply because they can. Most small businesses owners have no other options. Writing and sending business checks can cost between $4 to $20, based on the price of postage and the employee time writing, mailing, and reconciling the check.
Paynote uses your bank's checking account to send or receive a bank-to-bank transfer. Sending or requesting money through Paynote is like writing or cashing a check, only without the physical paper. This means no paper, postage, or waiting for checks in the mail. We hate abusive fees as much as you do. That's why we developed Paynote.

Bye bye bank & credit card fees.
Try Paynote now.

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100% free. No credit card required. Immediate access.

Stop getting squeezed by Big Banks and credit card processors.
Try Paynote now.

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100% free. No credit card required. Immediate access.
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