Software Details & Benefits
Accept Checks By Phone, Fax, or Web With Confidence
Stop waiting for checks in the mail!  Our software allows you to accept checks by phone, fax, or web in seconds.   Reduce your payment "wait time" from days to seconds with our easy-to-use software.
Know If Your Clients Checks Are Good, Instantly
We offer the most advanced check verification options on the market, including Bank Authentication, which validates customer account ownership, confirms account balances, and reduces costly NSF Fees.
Much Easier For Your Clients To Pay You
Utilize our "Send Payment Link" feature and simply send your customers a link to a blank check and have them enter their information themselves!
Eliminate "Invoice Build-Up"
Say goodbye to late payments and overdue invoices.  With our software you can receive prompt payment from customers.
Software That Your Whole Team Will Love
Our software is the easiest to use and most advanced on the market.  Built by check processing vets, our software was built with you in mind - to make your check reception from clients SEAMLESS!
Reduced Labor Costs and Mailing Expenses
Don't pay mailing expenses for reception of checks anymore.  Our Seamless ACH feature saves you from running checks to the bank.
Mobile Friendly Deposits
Our "Mobile Friendly Deposit" feature allows you to print checks on regular white paper, and then deposit them using your phone.  It's that simple!
And Much, Much More...