eCommerce Merchant Services: What to Look for in a Payment Partner

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eCommerce Merchant Services: What to Look for in a Payment Partner

Today, running a successful eCommerce business requires a focus on conversion: the more customers you can convert and retain, the more profitable your business will be.

Want to boost conversions? Your payment process is a great place to start. Today, customers expect simple, streamlined payment methods that guarantee security and make it easy to check out in minutes. 

If your site doesn’t offer those things, your customers will leave. Need proof? One survey found that 58% of respondents dropped out of the checkout page due to concerns about payment security.

Fortunately, that’s where eCommerce merchant services come in. 

Designed to help businesses accept electronic payments via debit and credit cards, eCommerce merchant accounts provide industry-leading security and help you provide better customer service. 

Does Your Online Business Need eCommerce Merchant Services?

Yes! Today, all digital businesses need eCommerce merchant accounts.


Here’s why:

The payment landscape has changed, and today’s customers love the convenience, security, and ease of electronic payments. 

In fact, about 80% of consumers complete their payments using a debit or credit card, while just 10% make purchases in cash. 

This shift has created a significant demand for streamlined, secure, and efficient electronic payment options. Fortunately, companies that provide those services by investing in eCommerce merchant services are uniquely positioned to convert more customers, enjoy higher profits, and minimize payment bottlenecks. 

Here are just a few of the basic services eCommerce merchant account providers offer:

  • Payment processing
  • Payment encryption
  • POS systems
  • Software integrations
  • Refund management and tracking
  • And more

3 Benefits of Good eCommerce Merchant Services

How can eCommerce merchant services support your company? 

Here are a few of the top perks:

1. A more robust online presence

The eCommerce landscape is competitive, and more businesses are joining the race daily. Fortunately, working with an excellent eCommerce merchant services provider can help you stand out. 

Today, payment efficiency is one of the top factors that separates successful online companies from the eCommerce brands that flop. 

A good merchant services account can help you manage digital payments and offer a simple, streamlined payment experience that enables you to attract new customers and keep current buyers coming back for more. 

2. Flexible payment options

In addition to providing streamlined payment options, you must also provide the payment options customers want. 

While electronic payments are the obvious choice for most customers, there are many ways to make those digital payments, including credit and debit card payments and ACH transfers. 

Working with an eCommerce merchant services payment provider allows you to provide flexible payment options - without paying abusive processing and transaction fees. 

3. Security and consumer confidence

Security is essential for all businesses, especially eCommerce companies accepting online payments.

Fortunately, security is a given for companies working with a dedicated eCommerce merchant services provider like Seamless Chex. 

Since we encrypt banking and financial information to prevent data breaches, we can help you give your customers the confidence they need to make payments on your website. 

How to Choose the Right eCommerce Merchant Services Provider: 4 Things to Look for

How do you choose the right merchant service for your business? Look for these features:

  1. Easy integrations. Your eCommerce merchant account should integrate easily with a payment processor and other providers you already use. 
  2. The ability to accept a variety of cards. Look for a merchant services provider that accepts various credit and debit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
  3. Industry-leading encryption and security. Security is a critical consideration for anyone shopping for eCommerce merchant services. Look for a provider that handles secure, encrypted payments and will help keep financial information private.
  4. Low fees. Finally, look for an eCommerce merchant services provider that won’t charge abusive, over-the-top fees. This is especially essential for small businesses that are just getting started and can’t afford to pay out the nose for merchant services. 

The Right eCommerce Merchant Services Will Expand and Support Your Business

If you’re looking for a way to expand your service offerings, eCommerce merchant services like Seamless Merchant can help. Designed to simplify and streamline your services and make every transaction more secure for your customers, eCommerce merchant services are an excellent way to make your business more competitive and efficient. 

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