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Create Your Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

Create Your Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

SeamlessChex is the top payment processing solutions provider for fantasy sports companies. With our simple sign-up process, affordable pricing, flexible solutions, and top industry-standard security, setting up a fantasy sports merchant account is entirely seamless.

With the rise of fantasy sports, more and more people are spending their money on this trend. The average annual spending per player is roughly $600 which is expected to account for a whopping total revenue close to 7 billion USD! Get ahead of the game and solve all of your fantasy sports payment processing problems now!

Industries for Fantasy Sports Betting:

  • College and Professional Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Membership Sports
  • Recreation Clubs
  • Soccer
  • Sport Forecasting and Lottery Services

Don’t see your industry or sport listed? No worries! Connect with a SeamlessChex representative today to see if a fantasy sports merchant account is right for you!

Fantasy Sports Payment Processing Made Simple

If you’ve tried to set up a fantasy sports merchant account in the past, you may have encountered difficulty from credit card processing companies. The fantasy sports industry is highly regulated by the US federal government, requiring a longer underwriting process. Additionally, the typical pricing mechanism of fantasy sports often presents risks that many payment processors don’t wish to take on.

SeamlessChex is proud to serve any industry that is legally operating in the United States. Our network of over 25 banks gives you the diversification and volume needed to scale your business. You can rest assured that we have the experience, security, and capabilities to meet any of your fantasy sports payment processing needs.

Trust SeamlessChex for Straightforward, Affordable Solutions

Getting started with your fantasy sports merchant account is simple. Our pricing is designed to accommodate businesses of any size with form-fitted solutions. Our fees are transparent and affordable.

Sign up for a free trial of SeamlessChex today, or contact us to discover the perfect solution for you.

Explore our range of services and find out what fantasy sports payment processing solutions are best for you.

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