Developer Guide

Your Gateway to an Integrated Payments Ecosystem
Here, you gain access to a wide range of powerful APIs that allow you to effortlessly build innovative solutions within our integrated payments ecosystem. With our comprehensive payment processing API suite, the possibilities are endless.

Why SeamlessChex?

1. Powerful Payment Solutions: We offer a suite of developer-friendly APIs that enable you to integrate a wide range of payment methods including: eChecks, ACH, and Credit Cards. Whether you're building an e-commerce store, a subscription-based service, or a marketplace, Seamless has got you covered.
2. Security First: Security is our top priority. With industry-leading encryption, verification and compliance standards, you can trust Seamless to handle sensitive financial data with the utmost care and protection.
3. Seamless Integration: Our developer-focused approach ensures that integration with Seamless is smooth and hassle-free. You'll find comprehensive documentation, SDKs, and sample code to accelerate your development process.
4. Unparalleled Support: We believe in empowering developers. If you ever encounter a challenge or have a question, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you on your journey.
Seamless Chex
ACH and eCheck Processing

Create a Payment

Debit customers' bank accounts by using routing and account numbers.

Create Payment Links

Accept payments without a website or app. Simply generate a secure URL that enables customers to make payments online.

Create Subscriptions

Offer your customers the convenience of subscribing to your services or products with automatic, regular payments.


Easily design and integrate Plaid-hosted payment buttons into your website with our flexible Checkout.JS solution.

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Seamless Paynote
Verified ACH Payments and Payouts

Send Payments

Send payments conveniently through email or direct deposit.

Send Invoices

Send invoices to customers directly through email. Available for one-time payments or recurring charges.

Create Payments Links

Create user-friendly links for one-time or recurring payments, making it simple and for customers to pay.

Create Subscriptions

Set up recurring payments and subscriptions.


Easily design and integrate Plaid-hosted payment buttons into your website with our flexible Checkout.JS solution.

Create a Marketplace

Seamlessly onboard users, establish connections to Plaid verified accounts, and facilitate secure transfers with ease.

Save Bank Details

Save customers' bank account information to enable hassle-free direct ACH debits in the future.

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Seamless Merchant
Debit and Credit Card Processing

Create Invoices

Create one-time or recurring charges.

Create Subscriptions

Set up subscriptions & recurring payments.

Save Cards

Capture customer authorization for future charges.

Customer Vaults

A safe and reliable way to store and manage your customers' payment information.

Create Payments

Create one-time or recurring payments.

Shopping Cart Integrations

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