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Coins and Precious Metals Merchant Account Solutions

Coins and Precious Metals Merchant Account Solutions

If you’re looking for a coins and precious metals merchant account, look no further than Seamless Chex. We're a full-service payment processing company that helps businesses accept electronic payments easily, securely, and quickly. 

Our established relationships with more than 25 banks allow us to provide secure transactions, transparent pricing, and, most importantly, hassle-free account setup. Thanks to our connections, we get even hard-to-place deals approved. 

We take a one-on-one approach with our merchants. Understanding your business needs is our top priority. We work with businesses of all types, helping teams execute payments reliably while maintaining sustainable cash flows.

Precious Metals and Coin Dealers Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts are essential for precious metal and coin dealers who want to accept credit card payments.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging for companies in these industries to obtain merchant accounts due to the higher risk associated with transactions in the precious metals and coin dealership space.

Precious metals companies and coin dealerships are often subject to chargebacks and may experience higher fraud rates. Additionally, the value of the goods these companies sell can be substantial, which makes companies in these industries higher risk in the eyes of financial institutions. Because of this, companies in these industries must seek out merchant accounts from a payment processor like Seamless Chex, which specializes in working with merchants in high-risk industries.

Payment Processing For Precious Metals

Facilitating transactions related to the buying and selling precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium is known as payment processing for precious metals.

Due to the high-value nature of the precious metals industry and the potential risks of fraud, it is crucial to identify a reliable and secure payment processing solution.

The right payment processing providers for precious metals companies understand the risks and challenges associated with this and other high-risk industries and can provide the tools and features needed to help precious metals companies grow their businesses and serve their customers.

Payment Processing For Coin Dealers

Coin dealers need payment processing solutions that facilitate purchasing and selling coins and other precious metals.

Because coin dealers operate in physical stores and via online platforms, however, these companies need a payment processor experienced in handling transactions related to collectibles.

For best results, coin dealers must look for a merchant account that offers a secure payment gateway, compatibility with various payment methods, transparent pricing, fraud prevention measures, and chargeback management to help minimize disputes and address chargebacks when they do happen.

ACH And Echeck For Precious Metal Companies

Automated Clearing House (ACH) and e-check payments are secure and efficient electronic transfer methods that precious metal companies can use for high-value transactions.

ACH payments can be suitable for precious metals companies because they’re a secure, efficient way to handle transactions and high-value purchases.

They’re usually less expensive to process than credit card transactions and can offer a secure, reliable way to transfer funds from one bank account to another. Echeck payments, meanwhile, are essentially a digital version of a paper check.

With an echeck, customers provide their bank account details and consent to have funds electronically withdrawn from their accounts.

eChecks are popular because they’re a familiar and accessible payment method for customers who are used to paying with traditional checks. They’re also more affordable than credit card transactions and can be processed online, which helps to streamline the payment process.

Notably, both ACH and echeck payments provide robust fraud prevention measures and can help to ensure compliance with relevant regulations in the precious metals industry.

Transparent, Flexible Payment Processing Solutions

At Seamless Chex, we’ve worked with many companies arbitrarily deemed “high-risk.” If you're operating in the coins and collectibles industry, your high-ticket transactions and susceptibility to chargebacks may be an obstacle when working with traditional banks and payment providers. 

Fortunately, we specialize in helping teams like yours succeed.

Our world-class payments security technology allows us to help you significantly reduce your exposure to fraud and chargebacks. 

Our next-day funding, low-cost processing, and robust payment security support high-risk businesses in many sectors while allowing maximum flexibility. Accept payments using your coins and precious metals merchant account in-store, online, or from your mobile device. 

Anxious to get started? You don’t need to wait weeks for your coins and precious metals merchant account to get approved. We offer quick, hassle-free sign-ups without long-term contracts or early termination fees.

What Makes SeamlessChex Unique?

At Seamless Chex, we strive to be a partner in your company’s success story. We’ll help you find a payment solution that works for you and allows you to save time and money.

Regardless of what space your business operates in or the size and volume of your transactions, we’re confident that we are the best payment processor out there.

We’re also the only payment processor that provides merchants with finality of payment and maximum chargeback protection.

When you use SeamlessChex to process check payments, you’ll reduce your bounced check rate. Put simply that means more security and predictability for you.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to set up your SeamlessChex coins and precious metals merchant. 

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