Chargeback Prevention & Management: Professional Chargeback Management Services

Effectively reducing and managing customer chargebacks requires a comprehensive understanding of the chargeback process and the card network's regulations. Discover how our professional chargeback management services can equip your business with the expertise needed to tackle merchant chargebacks successfully.

Common Strategies for Chargeback Management and Handling Disputes:

Some common company strategies for chargeback management include the following:

How Our Service Can Help with Chargeback Management and Protection

Interception of Company Chargebacks

Our chargeback prevention solution integrates with several platforms used to intercept chargeback(s) before they become a chargeback transaction that your company needs to deal with. This prevention strategy can help your business save money and time, and reduce the risk of running into a risk issue with your payment processor.

How it Works:

A customer requests to chargeback a payment transaction with their bank -> their bank reaches out to the chargeback interception business -> the company sends an email to the merchant with the contact info of the customer that is attempting to chargeback -> the merchant then has the ability to connect with the customer or automatically refund them the costs.

Customer files chargeback to bank
Bank reaches out to chargeback management and interception company
Interception company sends merchant the client’s contact info
Merchant can connect with customer or automatically issue refund

Preventing Merchant Chargebacks

As a payments processor, we partner with multiple chargeback prevention platforms. These platform partnerships allow us to prevent chargebacks and minimize the risk of fraud. We help merchants recover revenue with our chargeback protection service.

How it Works:

Merchants provide the chargeback interception platform with a set of rules for what types of disputes they prefer to accept or refund (this is usually based on ticket size and sets)-> When payment disputes are received that match the merchant’s rules, the platform will communicate with the acquiring bank to automatically debit the merchant’s account or issue a refund, thus preventing the dispute from becoming a chargeback to the merchant.  These processes benefit both the merchants and enhance the customer experience.

Customer files chargeback to bank
Bank reaches out to the chargeback dispute management company
Interception company sends merchant the client’s contact info
Merchant can connect with customer or automatically issue the paymen refund

Response to Chargebacks and Dispute Management

Chargebacks are inevitable for any business. Fortunately, SeamlessMerchant uses AI-based Technology to provide the best  response in a timely manner. We review your transactions, customers and account details and aggregate the data to help you navigate chargebacks and recover revenue.

How it Works:

Customer files for a chargeback with issuing bank -> SeamlessChex reviews all transaction, customer, and chargeback details -> We provide an enriched chargeback response by providing the bank with in-depth, fact-based evidence to help win their chargebacks and recover company revenue.

Chargeback from customer comes in
All transaction, customer, and chargeback data is reviewed by the chargeback dispute management team
Enriched chargeback response is provided
Better chance of winning chargeback

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