Discover the All-In-One Payment Solution for Your Marketplace

Leverage Paynote's REST API to establish your very own Marketplace. Seamlessly onboard clients and businesses, effortlessly accept funds, and facilitate smooth payouts for third parties. Our tailor-made white-label solution serves as a robust foundation to accommodate almost any Marketplace vertical.

Onboarding buyers and sellers should be seamless. Simply create a user account, and they can effortlessly connect their bank account through Plaid, which instantly verifies their profile.
Every step is completed within your very own UI, ensuring a consistent and branded experience for your users

Key Features

White Label Experience

Whether you choose to utilize our UI or build your own, we offer full control over colors and branding, allowing you to maintain a consistent and customized appearance.

Digital Wallet Functionality

Optimize your payment process by storing funds in a digital wallet, enabling faster transactions for sending and receiving payments, all while tracking your payment history.

Seamlessly Onboard Users

Easily initiate user onboarding by entering their email. Once entered, users will receive an email guiding them to connect and verify their bank account via username and password.

Connect & Verify Bank Accounts via Plaid

Verify users' bank accounts instantly using Plaid. All they need to do is enter their online banking username and password, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Modern, Secure Software

At Paynote, we deliver secure payment processing for any device. We conduct continuous scans to identify and address vulnerabilities, ensuring robust security, and uninterrupted availability.

Transactions Made Easy

Once you have successfully onboarded a user to your marketplace, our API allows you to effortlessly generate checks or invoices between users within the system. Simplify your payment processes and enhance user interactions with ease.

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