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Optimize your financial management with an all-in-one banking and payments platform. This solution combines various services including: Business checking account, ACH processing, credit card processing, eCheck payments, and more.

Businesses can enjoy streamlined onboarding, financial management & reporting and simplified billing.

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All-in-one Banking / Payment Processing Relationship

Seamless Chex Financial x Merchant Services

Seamless Chex provides an all-in-one banking/payments processing relationship. We’ve partnered with banks to set our merchants up with business bank accounts and scalable processing solutions. You’ll be able to accept eChecks, ACH, and wire transfers - all FDIC insurance-eligible - and enjoy faster access to funds, all within one platform.
  • Experience

  • One relationship, contract and integration
  • Easy to use online banking products
  • Simple, fast onboarding experience
  • Consolidated financial services
  • Security

  • KYC / KYB identity verifications
  • Sanction screenings
  • Secure and protected transactions
How it works

Seamless Onboarding and Processing

Setting up a business bank account is an important step in establishing and ensuring the success of your business. Here's how to get started:
Complete the application and provide required documentation.
2.Fund Account
To activate your account, you’ll need to deposit funds. The amount required varies depending on the bank and account type.
3.Begin Processing
Start accepting eChecks, ACH and wire transfers - FDIC insurance-eligible.

Banking Made Even Better

Make banking a breeze. You can easily access, move, and use hard-earned money when and where you need it.
  • Digital banking on web or app
  • No minimum deposits, monthly, or bill pay fees
  • $0 required to open
  • Mobile deposits
  • Contactless Visa debit card
  • 24-hour access to ATMs
  • FDIC secured up to $250,000*

Benefits of Seamless Chex Banking

All in one banking / processing solution
Reduced risk of losing your bank account
Limited check / ACH returns with enhanced verification
A bank relationship that understands your business
An end-to-end processing solution
Seamless onboarding and verification
Faster funding
State of the art online banking technology

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