Paynote API Guide:
Verified ACH

Discover the power of Paynote's API. Seamlessly integrate ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments into your platforms, offering you and your customers a convenient and secure payment method.

Our comprehensive ACH API empowers developers to streamline digital payment workflows, automate recurring transactions, and enhance overall financial operations. Whether you're building an e-commerce platform, a subscription-based service, or a marketplace, our Paynote API provides the tools and resources you need.

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Send Payments

With just the recipient's email address, you can effortlessly initiate payments. Simply send the payment to their email, and they'll receive a notification guiding them to connect their bank account via Plaid. It's that simple.

Send PaymentsSend Payments

Send Invoices

With our streamlined platform, invoicing has never been simpler. All that's required is the recipient's email address. Once the invoice is generated, a notification is sent to the recipient. They can make the payment by seamlessly connecting their bank account via Plaid.

Request PaymentsRequest Payments


Introducing Checkout.js, the plug-and-play solution for seamlessly streamlining ecommerce bank payments and expanding your customers' payment options. With Paynote Checkout.js, you can easily create one-time payments, set up subscriptions, or conveniently save your customer's bank details for future direct debits.

Pay with bank account secured by Plaid
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Create A Marketplace

Leverage Paynote's REST API to build your very own Marketplace. Seamlessly onboard clients and businesses, effortlessly accept funds, and efficiently payout third parties. Our custom white-label solution serves as a versatile foundation, accommodating a wide range of Marketplace verticals.

Seamless onboarding for buyers and sellers. Create a user, connect their bank account via Plaid for instant verification. Start your Marketplace journey effortlessly with Paynote.

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