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Freelance graphic designers are critical to the creative economy. From corporate branding items to web design and beyond, graphic designers help businesses create unique assets. But when it comes time to get paid for graphic design, these professionals face the same challenges as many other freelancers:

  • Sky-high credit card processing fees
  • Lack of security for personal and financial information
  • Clunky payment platforms that lack features and are hard to use

According to research by IBIS World, the graphic design industry is growing rapidly, so isn't it time for graphic design payment solutions to keep up?

Fortunately, the days of outdated payment platforms are over. Today, freelance graphic designers can send and receive checks faster and more securely than ever, thanks to Paynote.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is Paynote?

Paynote is a cutting-edge way to send and receive digital checks. Developed by the SeamlessChex team, Paynote allows freelance graphic designers and other professionals to send and receive digital checks online via ACH from clients or vendors. 

Here are a few of the unique features Paynote offers:

  • Affordable fees. Unlike other payment processing platforms, Paynote doesn’t charge bank or wire fees or credit card commissions. Instead, users pay a simple, transparent fee for all their payment needs. 
  • Instant approval. Freelance graphic designers who are in a hurry to pay or get paid can start using Paynote immediately - no credit checks, piles of paperwork, or red tape. Plus, Paynote is backed by an A+ rating with the BBB. 
  • Pay or bill clients quickly. Using Paynote is simple: just enter the recipient’s name and email address and add the payment amount. Paynote will email the check or invoice to your client and provide a secure link for them to add their bank information. Your clients don’t need a Paynote account to use the service. Once the client enters the necessary information, the money hits your bank account the next business day. Save time and money with Paynote!
  • No charges for recipients.  Payment processing fees can make life difficult for freelance graphic designers. Fortunately, Paynote does things differently. Recipients never pay a fee, and there are no hidden charges. 

How Freelance Graphic Designers can Use Paynote

You're interested, but you still need to figure out if Paynote is right for you. Here are a few smart ways you can use the solution to supercharge your graphic design business:

  • Bill your clients quickly, securely, and instantly
  • Pay your vendors and contractors
  • Pay your rent or office lease
  • Send and receive funds 
  • Send refunds
  • And more

To fully support your business, Paynote makes it easy to customize virtually every aspect of your payment processing: add your logo to invoices, schedule one-time or recurring invoices, and enjoy fast, next-day electronic transfers to and from all US bank accounts. 

Paynote: the Easiest way to Get Paid for Graphic Design

Are you looking for ways to scale your graphic design business? Look no further than Paynote. 

Designed to make sending and receiving digital checks more straightforward than ever, Paynote is the way to reduce payment processing fees. Paynote also allows you to keep more of your profits in your pocket and grow your graphic design business.

So, what are you waiting for? Create beautiful graphics while we help you overhaul your payment processing.

Get started now. Learn more about Paynote here.

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