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Home Improvement and Contractors

Streamline your daily operations and accept payments anywhere with a merchant account from Seamless Chex.

As a home improvement contractor, your job involves juggling many tasks and to-dos. The last thing you need to think about, then, is getting paid for all your hard work, dealing with overpriced merchant accounts, or not being able to accept the credit and debit cards your customers want to use. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution. 

At Seamless Chex, we provide simple, easy-to-use payment processing services for home improvement contractors. Whether your current merchant account doesn’t provide the flexibility you need or is just too expensive, our comprehensive services are here to make life easier.

A Seamless Chex merchant account allows you to accept credit and debit cards, improve cash flow, and simplify the invoicing process, all while enjoying industry-leading security and fraud protection.

Seamless Chex Allows you to Accept Mobile Payments for Your Home Improvement Business

When you’re in the home service industry, you spend your days visiting job sites, remodeling customers’ homes and businesses, and providing other services.

As such, you need a payment processing gateway that moves with you and allows customers to pay quickly and easily - no matter where you are.

That’s where Seamless Chex comes in.

Designed to provide secure, smooth, and streamlined credit card processing solutions, our merchant accounts are easy to use and perfect for modernizing your payment acceptance.

Plus, our merchant account services will improve the customer experience for your clients, allowing them to make payments with a credit or debit card onsite or via electronic invoices. 

This speeds up the payment process. increases customer satisfaction, and boosts customer retention. 

Discover How Seamless Chex can Help You Overhaul Your Payment Processing 

Modernize your business and become a more competitive contractor with our merchant account services. 

With Seamless Chex, you can accept credit and debit cards on the go, avoid fraud and chargebacks, and expand your services for clients. 

Create your merchant account today and start accepting payments immediately.

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