Am I On The MATCH List?

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Am I On The MATCH List?

Am I On The MATCH List?

As a merchant, you’ve likely heard of the MATCH list. MATCH stands for “Member Alert to Control High-Risk Merchants” and is Mastercard’s rebranded version of an older list known as the Terminated Merchant File, or TMF list

While most merchants have heard of the MATCH list, surprisingly few know whether they’re on it or not. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to determine whether you’re on the MATCH list and what to do if you are.

Can You Check if You’re on the MATCH List?

Unfortunately, no. 

Currently, there’s no formal portal or convenient way for merchants to check whether they’re on the MATCH list.

The closest you can come is to ask the payment processor or bank that handles your merchant account if you’re on the list.

If you’ve already had merchant account applications denied or had a merchant account canceled in the past, that’s a good indication that you are on the MATCH list and are considered a “high-risk merchant” as a result. 

Can you be Put on the MATCH List by Accident?

Yes, it is possible to land on the MATCH list by accident. 

While it’s relatively unlikely that this would occur, there are many reasons that acquiring banks place merchants on the MATCH list, and some could be in error. 

If you believe you’ve been placed on the MATCH list by accident, contact your acquiring bank to dispute the process.

Can you Get off the MATCH List?

If you believe you’re on the MATCH list, don’t worry. You can get off the list and find a merchant account provider in the meantime.

Today, there are three ways to get off the MATCH list. To have your name removed from the MATCH list, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. You were added to the MATCH list more than five years ago. The MATCH list purges information from its system on a monthly basis, and will automatically drop merchants that have been in the system for five years. 
  2. You were added to the list by mistake. If you have evidence that you were added to the MATCH list by mistake, you may be able to petition your acquiring bank or payment processor to have your name removed. 
  3. You were added to the list due to PCI non-compliance, but you’ve since become compliant. The third and last reason you can be removed from the match list is because you were not PCI-compliant, but you’ve since become compliant. To prove this, you’ll need a letter of validation from a forensic examiner who has been certified by Mastercard, as well as other information including your acquirer ID number and merchant ID number. 

Can You Still Open a Merchant Account if You’re on the MATCH List?

If you’re on the MATCH list, you can still get a merchant account. The key is to find a merchant services provider that specializes in working with businesses in high-risk industries. 

Here at Seamless Chex, we understand the needs of high-risk merchants and our merchant accounts are designed to support and scale your business without requiring sky-high fees in the process. 

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to determine if our high-risk merchant accounts are right for you.

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