Payment Solution for Websites: Online Check Processing

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Payment Solution for Websites: Online Check Processing

The inconvenience of working with paper checks frustrates most e-commerce businesses. Waiting for days to receive your check in the mail still does not guarantee payment. When you try to cash the check, it can bounce due to insufficient funds in the payer’s bank account. Along with wasting plenty of valuable time, businesses may also get fined by the bank for trying to cash a bad check. Many business owners don’t accept checks to avoid all the hassles associated with cashing its payment.

Not accepting checks is an unwise business move as many consumers — especially older ones — prefer to use this method to make payments. The more payment options e-commerce businesses offer on their website, the greater their sales opportunities. Fortunately, there’s a more convenient method to accept check payments. Using electronic check payment solutions for websites, like Seamless Chex, reduces frustration and helps improve business profitability.

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Eliminates Bad Checks

Seamless Chex’s real-time bank verification technology helps businesses eliminate bad checks to improve operational efficiency. With Seamless Chex, you don’t have to wait for days to hear from the bank about a bad check. Seamless Chex will verify the customer’s information and bank balance instantly before allowing the payment to proceed. When your customers use our electronic check payment solution for websites, you can get paid online with confidence.

Real-time bank balance verification helps e-commerce businesses ensure that customers have sufficient funds in their account to make payments. This real-time banking technology also helps businesses avoid non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees for bounced checks, allowing merchants to save more money on payment processing. Instant verification saves businesses plenty of valuable time and money, making online check processing a great payment solution for websites.

Minimizes Accounts Receivable

Many e-commerce businesses struggle with reducing their outstanding accounts receivable. Reaching out to individual customers to demand outstanding payments can waste valuable time and energy you could be spending on more important aspects of your business. Having complicated payment systems can make it more difficult to collect debts owed to your company, damaging your online business’s cash flow.

Adopting convenient payment solutions for websites will make it easier for customers to pay you, improving your business’s bottom line. Seamless Chex helps e-commerce merchants process eCheck payments via phone, fax, and email, facilitating faster accounts receivable collection. Using our platform to accept electronic checks will help you collect outstanding invoices seamlessly as the money is automatically deposited into your bank account.

Happier Merchants and Customers

Online check processing can be a great alternative payment solution for e-commerce websites that can’t or won’t accept credit cards from customers. Many merchants that operate high-risk businesses — such as travel and nutraceuticals — are not able to process credit card payments from customers because most banks refuse to work with them. Other merchants will not accept credit cards due to their exorbitant processing fees. Digital checks provide a more cost-effective online payment solution for websites, helping e-commerce merchants run more profitable businesses.

Echecks not only make merchants happy, but they can also improve customer satisfaction by expanding their payment options. Customers have different preferred payment methods. While many younger consumers prefer to pay with credit cards, older customers are more likely to use checks to make payments. Digital check payment solutions for websites offer another quick and easy method to pay for your products, boosting your business’s customer experience.

Enhances Payment Security

Seamless Chex offers enhanced online payment security by integrating with all major banks, allowing us to analyze account ownership and funds on all transactions. Our instant verification technology reduces the likelihood of check fraud by authenticating account holder data and confirming bank balance.

Seamless Chex’s advanced payment solution for websites helps e-commerce merchants avoid transaction reversal and ensure that they will get paid for their services. Our online check processing uses three simple steps to ensure secure payments are deposited into your account. Once you sign up for our services, you can:

  1. Enter Customer Check Information using: Virtual terminal, Hosted payment page, Upload a file for bulk payments, shopping cart plugin, REST API.

Verify check details – Find out instantly whether a customer has sufficient funds in their bank account.

  1. Bank Deposits – Checks are deposited directly into your bank account either the same or the next day using ACH or eCheck processing.

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Seamless Chex offers an all-in-one online check processing solution to meet your e-commerce business’s needs. With over 3,500 small businesses using SeamlessChex every day, it’s the number one digital check processing solution in the industry. With Seamless Chex, businesses can:

  • Accept and verify checks online, by phone, or fax
  • Fast same or next day funding
  • No transaction limits
  • Benefit from paperless billing and mobile options
  • Reduce operational burden and costs

Seamless Chex offers a secure and more cost-effective online payment alternative to credit card processing, helping improve business profitability. To learn more about how SeamlessChex can help your e-commerce business grow, contact us to speak with our customer support team or sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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