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Revolutionizing Payments in iGaming: SeamlessChex Announces Strategic Partnership with iGaming Consultant, SCCG Management

In an exciting move to enhance the payment experience for iGaming enthusiasts, SeamlessChex and SCCG have joined forces in a strategic partnership. This collaboration promises to enhance and streamline the way transactions are handled in the dynamic and rapidly growing iGaming industry.

SCCG Management, a top advisory firm, brings decades of experience in global gaming. They specialize in strategic success for iGaming, Sports Betting, E-Sports, and Casino Technology, with a vast international network. Get ready for an enhanced cash-in/cash-out experience, loved by both iGaming companies and users alike.

Unveiling a Seamless iGaming Payment Solution:

The SeamlessChex x SCCG partnership is set to provide the gaming industry with a one-stop-shop payment processing solution that integrates credit card processing and cutting edge bank payment processing, into any iGaming, Sports Betting, E-Sports, and Casino platform emphasizing lightening fast ACH sending and receiving capabilities. Users can anticipate a secure bank payment experience, supported by Plaid. SeamlessChex offers 10+ years of industry expertise solving unique problems for merchants in specialized verticals. With access to numerous banking partners,  and a full payment suite, and a partnership with SCCG, Seamless has positioned themselves as the go-to resource for payments for the gaming industry.

Experience the SeamlessChex Advantage for SCCG iGaming Partners:

  • Seamless Cash-In/Cash-Out Experience: Make payments effortless for users, eliminating friction and enhancing loyalty.
  • Robust Fraud Protection & Compliance: Ensure security and adherence to regulations.
  • Streamlined User Onboarding: Ensure onboarding is as smooth as possible to grant users faster access. Minimize friction, maximizing player engagement.
  • Secure Transactions with Reduced Processing Times: All transactions undergo verification using Plaid's advanced technology, complemented by same/next-day settlement.
  • Greater Scalability: SeamlessChex has access to multiple banks providing you merchant accounts that keeps up with your growth

Enhanced User Experience:

By leveraging SeamlessChex's technology, SCCG aims to provide its users with a seamless payment journey, from depositing funds to withdrawing winnings. The user experience will be further elevated, encouraging loyalty and fostering a positive gaming community.

A Message from the Leadership Team:

In reference to the partnership, Elliot Lief, SeamlessChex's Head of Partnerships, expressed his positive outlook, stating, “The Seamless and SCCG partnership responds to the growing demand for agile and reliable payment processing systems. Our collaboration is grounded in shared values of expertise, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to white-glove service, placing these principles at the core of everything we do.”

Sharing his enthusiasm for the partnership, Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Management, conveyed, “SCCG is thrilled to announce our partnership with SeamlessChex Merchant Services, a recognized leader in the credit card and ACH industry. This partnership symbolizes our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier solutions and innovations in the gambling industry.”

Looking Ahead:

As SCCG and SeamlessChex embark on this exciting journey together, the future holds promises of innovation, growth, and a redefined payment landscape within the iGaming sector. The collaboration is not just a partnership; it's a commitment to redefining the standards of excellence in payment processing for the iGaming industry.

Stay tuned for further updates on how this partnership will unfold and impact the iGaming community. Exciting times lie ahead as SCCG and SeamlessChex reshape the future of payments in the world of online gaming.

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