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Credit Repair Merchant Account & Payment Processing

Credit Repair Merchant Account & Payment Processing

Credit repair can be a high-risk industry, which means it is not uncommon to find banks unwilling or unable to financially support your business. If you feel like this might apply for any reason – consider finding an alternative with our multitude of services today. You can start earning dependable recurring monthly revenue by accepting credit card payments from your client’s with the help of a credit repair merchant account. At SeamlessChex, you don’t have to worry about fees eating into your bottom line: we specialize in navigating high-risk and mitigating chargebacks. No matter what payment processing challenges you may face, SeamlessChex has the technology and expertise to assist you.

Credit Repair Industries:

  • Cease and Desist Collection
  • Credit Reporting Services
  • Credit Repair Consultation
  • Credit Re-establishment
  • Dispute Processing
  • One-to-one Consulting
  • Settlement Assistance

Don’t see your industry listed? No problem! Contact a SeamlessChex representative today to see if a credit repair merchant account is right for you.

Here at SeamlessChex, we add value to your credit repair business, helping you to expand your clientele, revenue, and bank relationships. SeamlessChex understands the limitations of Venmo, Paypal, Stripe, and other payment companies; not only do they fail to assist in ACH transfers or credit repair payments but they do not enhance your credit repair business in ways we can. Let us help you!

Credit Repair Merchant Accounts Made Easy

Setting up a credit repair merchant account doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive or complicated. We offer easy, instant account setup and online portal access. To make the process as quick and fluid as possible, we only ask for information that is legally required for you to get started. Our affordable rates and excellent relationships with financial institutions mean you’ll save in both the short and long term.

Trust SeamlessChex for Simple Payment Solutions

At SeamlessChex, we know how frustrating and rigid payment processing can be. We want to help you create a credit repair merchant account that meets your business’s unique needs. Personal relationships are very important to us, and we will work to find the right payment processing solution for your business that is affordable and efficient. If you have any inquiries about how our services can suit your business, contact us to see how we can help. You’ll get a real person on the other end of the phone, and we’re happy to walk you through everything we offer.

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