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Accepting Payment by eCheck Online Has Never Been Easier

SeamlessChex is a full service eCheck processing platform. Instantly verify your customer’s bank account, accept payment and receive fast next-day deposits directly into your bank account.

Discover what makes SeamlessChex the best system to receive checks online. Complete our quick, hassle-free signup today.

Accept Checks Online, by Fax, or by Phone

The process is simple. Your or your customer enters their check information. SeamlessChex verifies the check and then we deposit directly into your bank account.

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Avoid Abusive Credit Card Processing Fees

SeamlessChex was founded when we witnessed businesses paying exorbitant fees to banks and credit card companies because they had no other options. Over time, these fees add up and create a significant strain on your finances. With SeamlessChex you can securely verify and accept eChecks online with confidence for a fraction of the fee you are currently paying.

Get Approval No Matter The Industry

We leverage our strong relationship with banks to service merchants in both low- and high-risk industries. As long as your business is legally operating, you can verify and accept eChecks online or by phone with fast, next-day deposits into your bank account. Skip tedious documentation requirements and long waiting times. With SeamlessChex you get instant approval. Discover the advantages of SeamlessChex eCheck processing today.


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We guarantee customer satisfaction no matter your industry or the size of your business. Our eCheck processing solution is so valuable to your business that you won’t want to go back.

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1,637 companies use SeamlessChex

We have over 90 locations and SeamlessChex helps us collect out money faster, easier and more efficiently.

Phil Levi
Credit & A/R Manager
Parts Authority, Inc.

SeamlessChex helped us solve one of the crucial problems we were having as a business: recurring payment to vendors.

Justin Mitchell
Founder, Owner

SeamlessChex has made it easy for our business to receive funds the next day from our clients.

Tiffany Kapp
Managing Partner
Custom Business Solutions

SeamlessChex has been an invaluable addition to our company. It has drastically reduced the time to receive.

Alim Sunderji
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