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Digital marketing agencies face unique challenges when creating a merchant account. SEO and SEM services are highly valuable to a company; however, due to their intangible nature, companies often win chargeback disputes in cases of fraud. If you need marketing technology merchant services that are intuitive, secure, and affordable, there’s no better solutions provider than SeamlessChex.

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Hassle-Free, Flexible Solutions for SEO Company Merchant Accounts

Payment processing companies too often try to take advantage of businesses that present a perceived risk by charging exorbitant fees and/or making pricing opaque. At SeamlessChex, our services are open, transparent, and flexible to accommodate the needs of your merchant account. SEO companies receive fast and fair treatment at SeamlessChex. With our pricing plans, you can select a plan that suits your business’s needs, and we can even work with you to curate a plan that fits your exacting expectations.

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Accept, process, and verify digital checks right from your mobile device. With our fast, proprietary services, accepting checks is easier than ever.

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Send and request payments on a one-time or recurring basis. Your recipient never pays a fee, and there’s no exchange of bank account information.

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Set up easy credit card and ACH processing for e-commerce. We require no contracts or set-up fees to get started.

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