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Many financial institutions consider multi-level marketing companies to be in a high-risk industry. This can lead to banks refusing to provide their services, often due to the perception that MLM companies will have higher than average chargeback rates. With SeamlessChex, you don’t have to worry about finding a home for your payment processing needs. It’s easy to set up a multi-level marketing merchant account and avoid exorbitant scrutiny from banks or processors.

SeamlessChex specializes in serving high-risk businesses. We have relationships with more than 25 banks, allowing us to provide a reliable and scalable merchant account for your business. Schedule a free consultation with one of our payment experts today to discuss how we can help you get set up with a merchant account you can trust at a lower rate than you are paying now.

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Your multi-level marketing merchant account will be both affordable and efficient. We use world-class secure verification technology to process your payments quickly and cut down on chargebacks.

We view payment processing as a relationship and our experts make themselves available around the clock to address any questions or concerns you might have. If your business is looking for a feature we don’t currently offer, we will do our best to find a solution to meet your needs.

Set Up Your SeamlessChex Multi-Level Marketing Merchant Account

If you’re ready to set up your multi-level marketing merchant account, contact us today. We’re so confident you’ll benefit from our services that we offer a 14-day risk-free trial of our SeamlessChex eCheck processing software. Sign up today.

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Create a multi-level marketing merchant account that allows you to process credit card payments. We specialize in hard-to-place eCommerce businesses. Leverage our bank relationships and expertise.

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Accept and verify eChecks online or by phone. Instant bank verification so you can accept checks online with confidence and reduce NSF fees and chargebacks.

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Send one-time or recurring digital checks via email. Streamline your accounts payable. Pay affiliates, vendors, contractors, and partners with ease.

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