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Protect your nutraceutical business from exorbitant bank holds and reserves. SeamlessChex can set your business up with a nutraceutical merchant account you can trust. We at SeamlessChex understand the challenges faced by online supplement businesses, for we excel in managing fraudulent charges and high chargeback rates.

Businesses in high-risk industries like nutraceuticals may struggle to find affordable payment processing services due to the lack of government regulation. That’s where SeamlessChex comes in. Leverage our long-standing relationships with over 25 banks to get you set up with a nutraceutical merchant account that can scale quickly with low reserves. If you need a high-volume Nutra merchant account, look no further and contact us today.

Nutraceutical Industries We Cover:

  • Dietary Supplements
  • Natural Male Enhancements
  • Multivitamins
  • Nootropics
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Weight Loss Supplements
  • Workout and Sports Performance Supplements

Don’t see your industry listed? No problem! Talk to a SeamlessChex representative today to see if a nutraceutical merchant account is right for you!

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Nutraceutical Merchant Account Solutions Made Simple

Here’s how our reliable and specialized payment processing solutions can give your business the confidence to scale quickly:

  • 25+ Acquiring Banks to Choose From
  • Dedicated and Responsive Payment Experts
  • Flexible and Scalable Merchant Accounts
  • Chargeback Reduction Solutions

Set Up Your Nutraceutical Merchant Account Today

Reach out to our payment processing specialists to discuss how we can get you set up with a nutraceutical merchant account today. Contact us for a free payment processing analysis. We look forward to helping you upgrade your nutraceutical payment processing services.

Our nutraceutical payment processing services:

A green circle with a check in it - the SeamlessMerchant iconSeamlessMerchant

Accept credit card payments online and easily integrate into any shopping cart. Have confidence in your merchant account and work with a true payment partner you can trust.

A blue circle with a P in it - the Paynote icon.Paynote

Send refunds and pay affiliates by sending digital checks via email. Request digital checks via ACH on a one-time or recurring basis with electronic transfers. Your recipients do not need to set up an account or pay a fee to receive payments or invoices.

A purple circle with rectangles in it - the SeamlessChex icon.Seamless Chex

Accept and verify eChecks by phone or online. Real-time bank verification to confirm your customer has sufficient funds. Reduce NSF fees and chargebacks.

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