Payment Processing for

Coins and Precious Metals Merchant Account Solutions

Seamless Chex is a full-service payment processing company that helps businesses accept electronic payments hassle-free. Our solid bank relationships make us unique in the industry. Thanks to those connections, we’re able to get hard-to-place deals approved. We take the one-on-one approach with our merchants. Understanding your business needs is our number one priority and helps to get you approved fast. We work with businesses of all types, helping them execute payments reliably and maintain sustainable cash flows. If you’re looking to set up a coins and precious metals merchant account, look no further than Seamless Chex. Experience dedicated and responsive support from experience payment processing professionals. Get secure transactions, transparent pricing, and most importantly, hassle-free account setups.


Transparent, Flexible Solutions

At Seamless Chex, we’ve worked with companies across many industries, arbitrarily deemed “high-risk,” to help them succeed. As a business in the coins and collectibles industry, your high-ticket transactions and susceptibility to chargebacks can often be an obstacle with traditional banks and payment providers. However, with our world-class payments security technology, you significantly reduce your exposure to fraud and chargebacks. You need not wait weeks for your coins and precious metals merchant account to get approved. We offer hassle-free sign-ups without long-term contracts or early termination fees.

We’ve been in the payments business for over 10 years and over this time, we’ve partnered with over 25 banks nationwide. We manage those relationships so that you don’t have to. You can focus on growing your business and leave the payment processing to Seamless Chex.

Look through our range of solutions to see what works best for your company.

A green circle with a check in it - the SeamlessMerchant iconSeamlessMerchant

Process credit card and ACH payments online through one integrated solution. Reduce interchange fees and chargebacks for e-commerce businesses and beyond.

A purple circle with rectangles in it - the SeamlessChex icon.SEAMLESSCHEX

The best platform to process eChecks online. Accept eChecks with no transaction limits, instant bank balance verification, and next-day deposits.

A blue circle with a P in it - the Paynote icon.Paynote

Send and request payments with unprecedented ease. Our intuitive platform lets you set up one-time and recurring payments to streamline your cash flow.


What Makes Seamless Chex Unique?

We’re the only payment processor out there that provides merchants with finality of payment and maximum chargeback protection. When you process your checks through Seamless Chex, you will significantly reduce your bounced checks. Businesses across many sectors have benefited from our combination of next-day funding, incredibly low-cost processing, and robust payment security. Accept payments using your coins and precious metals merchant account in-store, online, or on the go using your mobile device. Process transactions faster than you believed possible with our proprietary technology.

At Seamless Chex, we work to be a partner in your success story as a business. We’ll help you find a solution that works just right for you, helping you create huge savings in time and money. We’re confident in our capabilities as the best payment processor out there, regardless of what space your business operates in and the size and volume of your transactions.

For more questions about how to set up a SeamlessChex coins and precious metals merchant account, don’t hesitate to contact us.