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Educational / Seminar Payment Processing Merchant Accounts

The rise in enrolment for training and upskilling courses has fueled a corresponding rise in educators looking for reliable educational/seminar payment processing services. Today’s work environment demands continuous learning to stay abreast of the latest trends in the business world. Workers must constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills to improve their career prospects. Rapid advances in technology, shorter product life cycles, and changing ways of doing business are contributing to the growth of the educational services industry.

Despite the important work they do, the educational and seminar industries have difficulty getting electronic payment processing. Many merchants struggle to find seminar and education payment services because some banks shun them for being “high-risk” businesses. Seamless Chex aims to streamline educational/seminar payment processing again by offering affordable merchant accounts equipped with high-security technology. We offer several different products – which works best for your business?


Measuring and Cutting Risk

At Seamless Chex, we understand that one of the biggest threats to your educational services business is excessive chargebacks. Not only do chargebacks threaten your business’s viability, but they are also a financial risk to banks and payment processors. Seamless Chex uses the most advanced chargeback reduction technologies to protect your payments and reduce the risk of fraud.

Our merchant services can help:

  • Process secure credit card and ACH payments
  • Keep chargeback ratio below 2%
  • Decrease payment fraud
  • Reduce the risk of merchant account termination
  • Improve cash flow and increase profitability
Seamless MerchantSeamless Merchant

Accept credit card and ACH payments online and in-store. We offer virtual, mobile, and physical terminals.

e-checkSeamless Chex

Allows you to process, verify, and accept eChecks from any device. Seamless Chex offers instant onboarding with fast, next-day deposits, no transaction limits, and bank account verification.


Send and request one-time or recurring payments. Streamline your AP and AR by sending digital checks and invoices online.


The SeamlessChex Expertise

Seamless Chex has more than 10 years of experience offering seminar and education payment services to merchants of all shapes and sizes. Our experience and stellar reputation in the payments industry have allowed us to build great working relationships with more than 25 banks. We use our industry expertise and banking partnerships to help coaching businesses set up an educational/seminar payment processing account so they can process credit card and eCheck payments from customers with more security.

Are you struggling to obtain a merchant account to process educational/seminar payments? Was your business placed on the TMF/MATCH list for having excessive chargebacks? If you need a merchant account to process credit card payments from customers, Seamless Chex can help. Sign up now or contact us for more information first!