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Timeshares can be great options for travelers on a budget, providing unique, affordable access to gorgeous, exotic places. In the modern era, however, timeshare businesses have fallen victim to negative stigma. Shares can be expensive, and if a customer doesn’t fully understand the terms of their agreement and wants to cancel, for example, the industry can see lots of money bouncing around, which makes some traditional banks nervous. Being considered “high-risk” complicates timeshare banking for many businesses, and processing payments for timeshares can become an undeserved hassle.

SeamlessChex provides cutting-edge timeshare merchant accounts – a modern solution for a modern problem. With our timeshare banking solutions, you can safely process all of your payments with real-time tracking and industry-leading software. We provide you with security by verifying every single eCheck you receive and directly depositing it into your business’s bank account. Which of our products would be best for your business?

Timeshare Payment Processing Made Easy

TStarting a timeshare merchant account with SeamlessChex can provide a valuable buffer between your business and a bank. We have the industry connections needed to ensure smoother financial operations for you going forward. Our payment solutions give you safe payment processing, verified eChecks, quick direct deposits, and all with no hidden fees! We offer all of our clients flexibility and security. Let us know exactly what you need, your expectations, and your goals – and we will offer you a timeshare merchant account that can accelerate your business.

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