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Weight Loss Payment Processing Merchant Accounts

The fitness industry is a wildly important one. It provides customers with the tools they need to regain a healthy lifestyle or meet a more extreme fitness goal of theirs. But providing the tools is, at the end of the day, all you can do for your customers. Sometimes, real hard work is needed on behalf of the customer, and not everyone can follow through. Disappointment in results can lead to customers looking for their money back or deciding to halt payments altogether, which unfortunately paints the weight loss industry “high-risk”. Weight loss payment processing is therefore inherently and unfairly more complicated. 

Enter Seamless Chex, where these types of merchant accounts are our specialty. We provide fitness merchant services to all sorts of companies in the industry, ensuring that you can go back to working on what makes you passionate about your business and not worry so much about financial stuff. We offer several different proprietary products including ACH capabilities and eChecks to take the pressure off your credit card processing accounts. Most merchants find they benefit from all three solutions. Use Seamless Merchant and Seamless Chex to accept credit card and ACH payments, and use Paynote to pay vendors, contractions and affiliates.


Reliable Fitness Merchant Services

SeamlessChex is a one-stop-shop. With our help, weight loss payment processing is streamlined. Replacing your fitness or gym payment software, whatever it may be, with SeamlessChex’s various fitness merchant services can keep you on track financially. And we have the connections you could benefit from. Our network of over 25 banks gives you the diversification and volume needed to scale your business of any size. Our team has the experience, security, and know-how to climb over any weight loss payment processing barrier that’s currently in your way, and when you have confidence in the fitness merchant services you’re receiving, you can spend more time expanding your brand and accelerating growth. 

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Stop worrying about having limited payment options, checks bouncing, or high and hidden fees when you choose SeamlessChex; share your passion for wellness with as many people as you can. Start a free trial today and test out our payment solutions for yourself! No commitments, no pressure, no hard feelings. Make the best and most informed decision for your business. 

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Seamless MerchantSeamlessMerchant

Expand your payment method options by accepting credit cards and ACH payments in-store or online!

Enjoy real-time tracking, an expansive bank network, and access to high-risk payment specialists.


Instantly accept verified eChecks online or by phone and enjoy automatic deposits to your business bank account.

Never wait for checks to come in the mail again!


Ditch mailing paper checks and start sending and receiving verified ACH payments.

Effortlessly send user-friendly and branded invoices with a built-in “Payment” button to loyal customers, new customers, business partners, and anyone in between!