Paying By Check Online Deserves to be Mainstream

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Paying By Check Online Deserves to be Mainstream

Paying by check online is becoming more and more popular as we swiftly move into the digital age. The benefits of online payment processing services run far and wide. Let’s take a look at why paying by check online deserves to be a mainstream practice for both businesses and consumers.

It’s Really Convenient

No more running home because you forgot your checkbook. No more hustling to find a working pen. No more buying stamps. No more actually having to physically mail a check. Paying by check online allows you to make a quick and seamless transaction on any device you choose. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways eChecks make life really convenient:

  • Send and receive payments anywhere – You know that moment when you’re sitting down at lunch and you totally forgot to pay the baker for your daughter’s birthday cake? Enjoy making payments anywhere you are, at any time by paying online.
  • Save time – eChecks give you access to instant and fast funding. All it takes is a swipe and a few clicks and wa-la! Within less than a minute you would have received or sent money.
  • Easy money management – Paying by check online allows both consumers and businesses access to easy money management. Easily keep track of all of the payments you send and receive. You’ll receive instant digital receipts and email notifications with each transaction.Monitoring your cash flow has been proven to be incredibly beneficial to anyone who deals with money. No matter the capacity of your business or transactions, it definitely pays off to know what you’re spending and how you’re spending it.

Instant Bank Account Verification

Say goodbye to bounced checks and having to remember your bank routing and account number. Paying by check online with SeamlessChex means that bank accounts are instantly verified. We’ll ensure that the funds you need are quickly available.

Using paper checks as a payment processing service can be really nerve-wracking. When you receive the paper check and the customer leaves, you can only hope that everything will work out. Paper checks are a really easy way to lose money and they can definitely be considered a hassle.

It’s Secure

Paying by check online is secure for both consumers and business owners. eCheck transactions use the same security system as direct deposits and other online payments. This means that the security method used for processing eChecks is tried and proven. eChecks also keep track of account numbers and the amount of money being sent with an innovative encryption feature.

When paying by check online your entire payment processing service will be efficient and accurate. Allowing you to spend more time enjoying your funds and less time worrying about security.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Business owners and consumers alike should be moving away from using paper. Paying by check online is a great way to make your business and household more sustainable. On top of the great convenience and high security, eChecks are very eco-friendly. They require absolutely no paper at all. eChecks reduce waste in the landfills and allow you to receive funds instantly. That’s definitely a double-win!

The World is Becoming Digital

You’ll notice that as each year goes by, the world becomes more and more digital. CDs are now a thing of the past and slowly but surely flash drives are taking a seat back, as well. Soon enough, paper checks will join the “things that no longer exist” train.

Why not get a jump start on the future and start paying by check online today? Moving towards a completely digital world surely takes some getting used to. Don’t get caught like a deer in headlines when you’re trying to make a payment. It’s definitely better to get used to online payment processing services before paper checks are completely eliminated.


Moving towards paying by check online is surely the way to go. Save money by cutting out paper checks. Send and receive money online securely and instantly. Easily improve and track your cash flow. Create a lighter footprint and reduce waste in the landfill and so much more.

Integrating online payment processing services will take any business to the next level. Creating a convenient and safe consumer experience, as well as offering a business with smoother back-office operations. Contact us to learn more about our eCheck products today.

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