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Create Your Self-Defense Merchant Account

It’s a good time to be in the self-defense products market. The growth of outdoor recreation activities, civil unrest, and violent crimes are increasing the demand for personal safety products. From $2.4 billion in 2018, the self-defense products market will grow to $3.6 billion in 2025. Starting a taser/stun gun business can help you reap good profits in this growing industry.

As you may already know, it’s not easy to get into the self-defense products market. To sell tasers, stun guns, and other personal safety products, you need a self-defense merchant account. Big banks and traditional payment processors refuse to offer taser/stun gun merchant accounts because they regard this industry as a high-risk business.

Specializing in high-risk payment processing, SeamlessChex offers diverse self-defense payment processing and merchant services to reduce barriers to market entry. Browse our range of high-risk payment products to find the best solution for your taser/stun gun business.

Credit Repair How Can SeamlessChex Help Self-Defense Merchants?Industries:

SeamlessChex has over 15 years of experience helping high-risk businesses navigate the complexities of regulated industries. We know the challenges you face selling restricted items, and have the expertise to meet all your needs. Leverage our expertise and  25+ banking relationships to get your business approved for a self-defense merchant account within days.

Once you set up your merchant account, you can gain instant access to the online payment system. The SeamlessChex payment platform has a flexible architecture, making it compatible with all third-party software. You can easily connect our payment gateway to your website and process credit card, ACH, eCheck, and mobile payments with low transaction fees.

The SeamlessChex self-defense merchant account solution:

  • Offers quick signup and approval
  • Gives you 25+ acquiring banks to choose from
  • Has the lowest-cost processing fees
  • Comes with a secure, PCI compliant payment gateway
  • Lowers the risk of merchant account termination
  • Provides next-day funding
  • Is equipped with cutting-edge fraud-mitigation technologies

Why are Self-Defense Merchants Considered High-Risk?

Despite being marketed as personal safety products, tasers and stun guns are dangerous instruments that can cause death or physical injury. Although legal for law enforcement use, some states prohibit the possession of self-defense products by regular citizens. Banks refuse to offer self-defense merchant accounts to avoid personal injury lawsuits and legal disputes.

It’s not only banks that shun self-defense merchants. Popular payment processors like PayPal, Square, and Stripe also decline to provide taser/stun gun merchant accounts to self-defense businesses. If you do manage to set up a merchant account with these processors, your account will be terminated once they discover that you sell high-risk items.

Sign up for a Taser/Stun Gun Merchant Account Today

Are you struggling to find a self-defense merchant account provider? Is your current high-risk processor charging you exorbitant fees? If you need low-cost merchant account services with quick approvals, SeamlessChex can help. Contact us now to learn how you can set up a high-risk merchant account today.

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