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Payment Processing for Marketing Companies

SeamlessChex is the preferred payment processing platform for marketing companies. Our deep experience in this space combined with low pricing and rapid approvals means you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better solution for your business payments. We’re a full-service provider and we support every conceivable payment mechanism you might want to use, including via credit cards, eChecks, and ACH. Our platform guarantees transparent pricing, regardless of the size and volume of your transactions. Payment processing for marketing companies has never been this easy. Reduce chargebacks and build healthy cash flows with SeamlessChex.

Best-In-Class Payment Processing for Marketing Companies

Tired of jumping through hoops trying to get your merchant account approved with traditional banks? You’re not alone. A number of our customers choose us because we don’t apply the arbitrary risk classifications that traditional financial institutions do. With SeamlessChex, you can sign up in minutes, and get super quick approvals for your account. We’ll also help you reduce chargebacks and fraudulent activity while we’re at it. We care about the businesses we support and you’ll see this reflected in the quality of customer service and support you receive when you’re with us.

What Makes SeamlessChex Unique?

Not only is it quicker to set up your account at SeamlessChex, but it’s also cheaper, faster, and more secure than traditional banks. And the best part? You can leverage our unique banking relationships with over 25 banks in our network. Start payment processing with your marketing company merchant account today!

Questions? No problem! Just talk to one of our payment experts. They’ll happily walk you through our products, platform features, and the account setup process.

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