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Title and Real Estate Merchant Accounts

Seamless Chex is an end-to-end payment processing platform that allows businesses of all sizes to send and receive money. Our payment solutions are some of the best you’ll find anywhere to help you cost-effectively execute transfers. SeamlessChex was founded over 10 years ago with the objective of providing businesses an alternative to the extortionist rates that many have to pay for checks and electronic fund transfers. Our solutions help you reduce chargebacks and sustain healthy cash flows, regardless of the volume or size of your transactions. We’re the preferred provider for setting up title and real estate merchant accounts and payment processing for businesses across the country.


Title and Real Estate Merchant Account Banking Simplified

If you’ve identified the potential of real estate and taken the plunge, there’s a chance you might have found it easier to find real estate than a merchant account for your company. Traditional financing institutions are often wary of accepting real estate agencies. Their underwriting guidelines tend to classify you as a “high-risk” enterprise, based on the high transaction amounts processed by title and real estate merchant accounts. At SeamlessChex it’s important for us to support businesses of all descriptions, regardless of industry stereotypes. We guarantee you a hassle-free experience in setting up your account. The signup process literally takes minutes with no contractual hoops or fees.

What Makes SeamlessChex Unique?

We’ve worked hard to build a platform that provides an outstanding experience for all our customers. When you’re processing payments using your title and real estate merchant account at SeamlessChex, you’ll benefit from our best-in-class security protocols that help you cut down on fees and chargebacks. You also benefit from our best-in-class proprietary payment gateway features including virtual terminal, payment links, and recurring billing.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our payment experts with more questions about our platform and our service. They’ll be happy to recommend just the right product fit for you.

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There’s no better way to verify and accept eChecks online. With Seamless Chex, you get instant bank balance verification, no transaction limits, and next-day funding. Never see a bounced check again.

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Future-proof your business payments. The best and most convenient payment platform, with low transfer fees, next-day transfers, and no hidden charges.