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Seamlessly send and receive all of your business payments with SeamlessChex. Our products are ideal for businesses looking to make all of their financial transactions smooth and effortless. Send branded invoices, receive verified checks, process credit card payments, and so much more. With our distribution and wholesale merchant processing you will enjoy receiving your payments quickly, as well as real-time tracking.

No more losing sales due to a lack of trust from potential customers. No more using payment systems that don’t seamlessly intertwine with your brand. No more losing money to outrageous fees. With an amazing distribution and wholesale payment processing system as the backbone of your business, the possibilities of where your business can go are endless.


Flexible Wholesale Payment Processing

We provide all of our customers with fair and flexible distribution and wholesale payment processing solutions. Regardless of the kind of business you operate, we won’t charge you insane fees. One of the many pros of opening a distribution and wholesale merchant processing account with us is that we are not a bank. We allow our customers access to fast, secure, and reliable merchant payment processing without any hassle. Contact us to speak to a payment expert and learn more today.

We’re Here for All of Your Payment Needs

We are your one-stop shop for all distribution and wholesale merchant processing needs. Send, receive, and verify all of your payments in one place. Let’s take a quick peek at all of our products:

A purple circle with rectangles in it - the SeamlessChex icon.SeamlessChex

Seamless Chex is perfect for companies looking to cut out receiving paper checks. Save time, money, and resources by implementing e-checks into your business. Run your business smoothly with no monthly transaction limits or restrictions. Instantly receive verified checks online.

A blue circle with a P in it - the Paynote icon.Paynote

Send digital checks online. Pay vendors and contractors by sending digital checks via email.

With Paynote, you can enjoy higher limits, instant bank verification, and next-day transfers.

A green circle with a check in it - the SeamlessMerchant iconSeamlessMerchant

Accept credit card and ACH payments without any headache. Our SeamlessMerchant product is the all-in-all distribution and wholesale merchant processing service.

Integrate our system into your shopping cart with our intuitive API. Receive your funds at super-fast rates, and so much more.